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Building upon the ancient science of yoga, YoGuides enhance body/mind awareness by using simple yoga-based techniques that have been practiced for thousands of years. These breathing and exercise techniques consciously connect us to self, enhancing focus and concentration. An added benefit of regular practice is body alignment, strength, and flexibility. YoGuides may be used on a regular basis or an ‘as needed’ basis.

Breathing Exercises: Breathing comes naturally to us, and because it's so automatic, we rarely pay attention to the process. YoGuides will teach us to use our own natural breath to change the way the feel mentally and physically. All of us experinece daily stressors that interfere with life at work, home or school. Practicing a simple (one to two minute) breathing technique will bring awareness to our own individual breathing pattern. Conscious breathing will teach us to recognize if and when our own natural breathing has become shallow or less rhythmic. Shallow breathing is usually a sign of tension or holding somewhere in the mind/body. Using the breathing methods described in YoGuides, the listener learns a simple, easy-to- access way of releasing tension. Over time, we will automatically recognize when, where, and how to utilize the power of focused breathing.

Exercises (poses): We can improve our focus by consciously engaging in short sessions of stretching in the form of yoga-based exercises (poses). Many of us today get little or no activity. The activities outlined in YoGuides are not meant to replace physical activity, though they can have the benefit of increasing balance, strength, and flexibility when practiced regularly. Stretching the body in six directions while consciously breathing offers us a feeling of control. Over time, body alignment, strength and flexibility benefits become noticeable. The body will begin to naturally call for the opening and release of muscles that have been activated during the exercises.

Guided Imagery: Following the breathing technique and exercise, the listener will be instructed to picture themselves in a particular situation that relates to the YoGuide theme for that day (Stress Relief, Focusing, Self Confidence, Nourishment, Strength/Flexibility, Inclusion or Opening). The listener will be asked to imagine themselves alone or with others, in a familiar place or an imagined one, experiencing fictional or real-life situations. These guided imageries are a way to ESCAPE a stressful environment allowing the mind/body to re- boot, reinvigorating focus, problem solving and other life skills in a self-created, tranquil environment.



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