“The short exercises contained in this recording are the perfect way to encourage mind/body awareness and give someone the tools to alleviate tension and restlessness. Pamela’s self-publishing of ‘YoGuides’ embodies her commitment to expose various audiences to the practice of yoga.”– Jennifer Trevisiol, high school teacher and yoga student.

“Pam is a kind and seasoned teacher” – Annie Kay MS RDN RYT

“an effective cheerleader for lifestyle change” – Dorothy Devine, Live Strong Instructor, YMCA

“I’d love for my children to have this type of holistic instruction as part of their school day”
Dr. Diane Kern

“Yoguides is a comprehensive structured program that is used daily in my classroom. It is a supplemental tool used to support students sensory regulation needs. It enables students to take body breaks to refocus their energy to the task at hand. YoGuides has aided students by increasing attention, providing input to calm their bodies, regulating motor activity, alerting body and brain, and decreasing impulsivity. Yoguides has improved student achievement and classroom success. It has increased the students ability to self-regulate in the classroom and supports their diverse needs.”
Christine Canning, MA Childhood Special Education; New York University
Special Education Teacher: Third Grade
Aaron School
New York, New York